Author: Nedra Kautzer

The Green Revolution in Massachusetts: A New Approach to Achieving a Lush, Healthy Lawn

For years, homeowners have struggled with conventional seeding methods in the quest for a lush, healthy lawn. Traditional methods often involve tilling, laying seed, and then rigorously watering and fertilizing, all hoping seeds will take root and flourish.  However, a revolutionary method called hydroseeding is changing the game. Massachusetts hydroseeding techniques enable people to achieve those lawn…

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Radiant Barrier Houston – Keep Your Home Cool and Energy Efficient

Keep your home cool and energy efficient with radiant barrier houston. It helps reduce cooling costs and protects your roof from excessive heat which can cause premature deterioration. Radiant barriers are installed in homes – usually in attics – primarily to reduce summer heat gain and help lower cooling costs. They consist of a highly…

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